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The Most Important Questions for Visiting Antelope Canyon

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Where is Antelope Canyon?

Antelope Canyon is located just outside of Page, Arizona.

How do I get to Antelope Canyon?

You can drive about 4 ½ hours from Las Vegas or Phoenix. There is shuttle service from Las Vegas to Page with National Park Express, which is about $95. 

How far is it from Las Vegas to Antelope Canyon?

It takes about 4 ½ hours to drive from Las Vegas to Page and Antelope Canyon.

When is Antelope Canyon open?

Antelope Canyon is open every day.

How was Antelope Canyon formed?

Antelope Canyon was created by nature, mostly by flash flooding. Powerful rainwater flows through the canyon when it rains, shaping and carving the unique formations in the sandstone.

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Is Antelope Canyon a National Park?

No, Antelope Canyon is not a National Park. It is part of the Navajo Nation Parks and Recreation and is completely on the Navajo Reservation.

Which Antelope Canyon tour is best?

That is a great question. It is said that whichever section you visit will be the best!  Each area has different formations, colors, and shapes, but all of Antelope Canyon is incredible. Different tour companies operate tours to sections of Antelope Canyon. You will experience amazing sights at any area of the slot canyon. Choosing a specific tour depends on finding the right time slot and price that works for you.

Which section of Antelope Canyon is better?

Most people say that the part of Antelope Canyon that they visit has to be the best area. It is hard to absorb all the beauty that it offers. It is not as important which area you visit as much as IF you visit. Just go!

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Is Antelope Canyon worth it?

Oh yes! It is well worth the time and travel to experience Antelope Canyon. Visitors come from all over the globe to enjoy the beauty of this rare, natural masterpiece. There are other slot canyons, but nowhere else is quite like Antelope Canyon. 

Is Antelope Canyon free?

Antelope Canyon does require an admission ticket with a scheduled tour time. Prices vary depending on which section of the canyon and which tour company you use. 

Can I visit Antelope Canyon on my own?

No, visitors are not allowed into Antelope Canyon alone. All guests must enter with a Navajo guide and must be booked as part of a set tour.

Can I go to Antelope Canyon without a tour?

No, all visitors are required to enter Antelope Canyon on a tour with a Navajo guide.

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Can I drive to Antelope Canyon?

Yes, you can drive yourself to Antelope Canyon. 

Are Antelope Canyon tours open?

Tours to Antelope Canyon are available year-round and open daily.

Who owns Antelope Canyon?

Antelope Canyon is located on the Navajo Reservation. All tour companies that operate tours there must be Navajo owned and operated.

Why is Antelope Canyon red?

The iron content in the soil and rock creates hues of orange, red, gold, and brown. The colored layers help to create the patterns and stripes. 

Why is it called Antelope Canyon?

The name is derived from Navajo stories about antelope that grazed along the canyon in the wintertime. 

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Tell me why Antelope Canyon is so popular.

Antelope Canyon has only become so popular in the last few decades. Social media has fueled awareness and interest in the magnificent beauty of Antelope Canyon.

How far is it from Antelope Canyon to Horseshoe Bend?

It is only about 15 minutes between Horseshoe Bend and Upper or Lower Antelope Canyon.

Can I visit Antelope Canyon without a guide?

No, visitors must have a Navajo Guide to tour Antelope Canyon. 

Antelope Canyon is near what city?

Antelope Canyon about ten minutes outside Page, Arizona, in Northern Arizona.

Is Antelope Canyon near Sedona?

Antelope Canyon is about a 3-hour drive from Sedona. 

Antelope Canyon is in what state?

Antelope Canyon is in Northern Arizona, just south of the state border with Utah. 

How far is it from Antelope Canyon to Grand Canyon?

It is about a 2.5-hour drive from Grand Canyon National Park, South Rim, to Antelope Canyon. 

Antelope Canyon vs. Zion National Park

Antelope Canyon and Zion National Park are very different. Antelope Canyon is a winding, narrow slot canyon. Zion is a large park with a wide valley and steep canyon walls on both sides. They are quite different, and both should be visited.

Antelope Canyon vs. the Grand Canyon

Antelope Canyon is a small, narrow slot canyon with many angles, shapes and colors. The Grand Canyon is an incredibly wide, deep, and expansive canyon. They are practically opposite in every way, other than both being called canyons.

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Antelope Canyon vs. Bryce Canyon

Bryce Canyon National Park is actually not a canyon at all. Bryce is a natural amphitheater with beautiful shapes called hoodoos. Antelope Canyon is a narrow slot canyon with stunning colors, shapes, and rock formations. They are very different from each other.

Can I visit both Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend?

Yes, both destinations are combined in Day Tours from Las Vegas. If you are driving yourself to the area, you can conveniently visit both destinations the same day.

Is there an Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend tour?

Day tours from Las Vegas usually include visits to both Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend. 

Should I visit Antelope Canyon or Peekaboo Canyon?

Both slot canyons are beautiful, and each is worthy of a visit. Antelope Canyon is more popular, but Peekaboo Canyon is less crowded and can more easily be combined with a tour of Zion National Park. It would be best to visit both areas, instead of choosing one over the other.