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The Most Popular Questions for
Visiting Antelope Canyon

Where is Antelope Canyon?

Antelope Canyon is located near the city of Page in Northern Arizona.

When is Antelope Canyon Open?

Antelope Canyon is open daily.  All sections of Antelope Canyon are located on the Navajo Reservation. They may close due to rain which can cause flash flooding.  It is possible that one section will close and others remain open, or all may close due to direction from the Navajo Parks and Recreation.   

How was Antelope Canyon was formed?

Antelope Canyon was created by flash flooding.  When it rains in the desert, it sometimes causes flash floods from the runoff.  These powerful floods will wash through the slot canyon, continuing to shape and form the sandstone.   

How do I get to Antelope Canyon?

Visitors can also drive themselves from Las Vegas, Phoenix or Salt Lake City. There are shuttles to Page from Las Vegas, St. George, Kanab, and Grand Canyon South Rim. Day Tours from Las Vegas are also available.  

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How far is it from Las Vegas to Antelope Canyon?

It is about four and a 4.5-hour drive from Las Vegas or Phoenix to Antelope Canyon.

Is Antelope Canyon a National Park?

It is part of the Navajo Nation Parks and Recreation but is not part of the U. S. National Park System. 

Which Antelope Canyon tour is best?

Several tour companies operate tours to different parts of Antelope Canyon.  Each area has its own unique character.  How Many Antelope Canyons are there?  Several different areas are available to visit.  

Which Antelope Canyon is better?

There are several different sections of Antelope Canyon to choose from.  Any section offers an amazing visual experience.  It matters less which section you choose, and more that you just decide to visit! Upper and Lower Antelope Canyon have been open to the public for more years, and are more widely known.  Antelope Canyon X, Secret Canyon, and Mystic Canyon are all great options as well.  Each is unique and has its own personality.  Really any area of the slot canyon will delight visitors and create lasting memories.  

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Is Antelope Canyon worth it?

Yes!  Many visitors come each year from all over the world to experience this beautiful slot canyon.  Nowhere else on the planet is quite like Antelope Canyon.  It is definitely worth your time, cost, and effort to travel to and see this destination. 

Is Antelope Canyon free?

Antelope Canyon requires admission and a scheduled tour time.  Prices vary depending on which section of the canyon you visit. There is also an $8 fee for the Navajo Parks and Recreation.  This can be used on the same day in Monument Valley if visitors travel to both places on the same day.  

Can I visit Antelope Canyon on my own?

Visitors are only allowed into Antelope Canyon with a Navajo guide. All visits must be part of an organized tour.  

Can I go to Antelope Canyon without a tour?

No, all guests must visit Antelope Canyon on an organized tour with a Navajo guide. 

Can you drive to Antelope Canyon?

Yes, you can drive your own car, or a rental car to Page, Arizona, and to Antelope Canyon. 

Are Antelope Canyon tours open?

Antelope Canyon tours are open daily and year-round.  They are occasionally closed due to weather conditions, according to the Navajo Nation Parks and Recreation.    

Why is Antelope Canyon called that?

There are stories of antelope that used to graze in this area in the wintertime. This gave the name to the canyon and the valley.    

Who owns Antelope Canyon?

Antelope Canyon is located on the Navajo Reservation.  The tour companies that operate there must be Navajo owned.  

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Why is Antelope Canyon red?

The iron in the soil interacts with the water and the causes the rust-colored rocks.  When mixed with other minerals, it creates hues of red, gold, orange, and brown.   These variations are shown in stripes, patterns, and waves of color. 

How far is it from Antelope Canyon to Horseshoe Bend?

It is only about a 15-minute drive from Antelope Canyon to Horseshoe Bend.   Most day tours from Las Vegas include both destinations. 

Can I visit Antelope Canyon without a guide?

No, all visitors must have a Navajo Guide to visit Antelope Canyon. 

Antelope Canyon is near what city?

Antelope Canyon is near Page, Arizona, about 4.5 hours from Phoenix or Las Vegas.  

Is Antelope Canyon near Sedona?

It is a 3-hour drive between Sedona to Antelope Canyon.

Antelope Canyon is in what state?

Antelope Canyon is in Arizona, just south of the state border with Utah. 

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How far is it from Antelope Canyon to Grand Canyon?

It is about a 2.5-hour drive between Antelope Canyon and Grand Canyon National Park, South Rim.  

Tell me why Antelope Canyon is so popular

Just a few decades ago, Antelope Canyon was fairly unknown.  Social Media helped to help the destination be discovered.  Once the beautiful photos of the canyon were shared, many people wanted to visit.  It became very popular with visitors from all over the world.  

Antelope Canyon vs. Zion National Park

Antelope Canyon and Zion National Park are very different.  Antelope Canyon is narrow and much smaller than Zion, which has a large valley with tall rock mountains surrounding it.    

Antelope Canyon vs. the Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is expansive.  Part of its grandeur is its size.  The sweeping, wide-open views are what have enticed visitors for over a century.  Antelope Canyon in comparison is a small, intimate experience.  It has a high concentration of beauty in a small area, which is visually stunning.  It is hard to compare the two areas, calling them both canyons.  

Antelope Canyon vs. Bryce Canyon

Bryce Canyon National Park is not actually a canyon.  It is a natural amphitheater that is filled with wonderful shapes called hoodoos.  Antelope Canyon is a narrow and winding slot canyon.   Both have incredible shapes and formations but are very different from each other.  It is important to plan to visit both destinations. 

Should I visit Antelope Canyon or Peekaboo Canyon?

Both of these slot canyons are incredible.   Antelope Canyon is more popular, while Peekaboo Canyon is less crowded, and can more easily be combined with a tour of Zion National Park.  Ideally, visitors could visit both locations and enjoy the two experiences.  

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Can I visit both Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend?

Yes, both destinations are located near Page, Arizona, and are only about ten minutes’ drive between the two.  If you book a day trip from Las Vegas, you will see both areas.    

What is the difference between Antelope Canyon and the Grand Canyon?

There are more differences than similarities.  The Grand Canyon is enormous and Antelope Canyon is narrow and winding.  The Grand Canyon has vast, wide-open spaces, while Antelope Canyon is intricate and intimate.  The Grand Canyon is a National Park and Antelope Canyon is part of the Navajo Reservation.    

Is there an Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend tour?

Yes, all of the day tours to the area will include both of these attractions.  They are amazing and combine to make a wonderful day tour.